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The State of Illinois faces many complex issues, and the solutions aren't easy (if they were, we'd have enacted them by now).  The right answer for some may be the wrong answer for others.  When addressing these, the first question to ask is, "What's best for the people of Illinois?"  

For example,  when revising the tax structure, there will be winners and losers.  Who should be which?  Giving tax breaks to the lower and middle class means more money for them to spend on the necessities of life.  They will be buying food and clothing for their families, they will be able to pay rent or a mortgage, they may even be able to get a new car.  All of these go to help our local economy.  An investment in these folks results in a nearly 100% return (or actually a lot more when you consider that local merchants will then spend many of their profits locally as well). Investing in the upper class, however, results in considerably lesser return, as they may invest overseas, take European vacations, buy imported goods.  A strong working class, powered by a livable wage, is the most efficient way to drive our economy forward.

What about health care?  Putting aside the moral arguments for now, what is in the best interest of Illinois?  Do we want a healthy workforce that maintains productivity, or do we want people calling in sick all the time, driving down company profits?  

But we need a functioning government to achieve our goals.  Gridlock prevents any progress.  What we currently have are two parties whose main goal seems to be getting and maintaining power.  We need to take politics back from the politicians and put it into the hands of people who want to help the people of Illinois prosper.  We need to have people who are accountable and responsive to their constituents.  We need people who can appreciate all sides of the debate, and not just try to force their own down everyone else's throats.  If we can elect these people we will have what Lincoln long ago promised - "a government of the people, by the people, and for the people."  

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